foundation act

Incorporation document
17 December 1927

COMOLI Company was established in 1927 by Carlo Comoli as a mechanical workshop to produce and sell various mechanical parts for different fields.

After the second World War, COMOLI intensified the construction of textile machinery with a cooperation with SNIA VISCOSA in Italy, in those days the major viscose and polyamide producer in Europe, to supply and license the construction of re-winding and coning machines.

In the early 60’s COMOLI approached the worldwide textile machinery market and established a strong collaboration with ZINSER GmbH, an important textile machinery manufacturer in Europe, consolidated at the beginning of the 70’s.

All that contributed to establish in the future years a stable and well reputed position with special relation to the manufacturing of take up winders for synthetic filaments.

Starting from 2002, COMOLI is producing and selling complete draw-winding machines lines for LDI and HDI technical filaments and hosiery yarns and, since the last 16 years, COMOLI is leader company in manufacturing winding machines for spandex plant construction.

In 2016, COMOLI has signed an important agreement with JIANGYIN LV Chemical Fiber Process Technologies Co., Ltd. to strengthen and consolidate the production of spandex winding machine, today the core business of COMOLI FERMO Srl.