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COMOLI company was established in 1927 as a mechanical workshop to produce and sell various mechanical parts for different fields.
After some years, COMOLI entered the textile machinery field by collaborating with Snia Viscosa in Italy, with the production of re-winding and coning machine for artificial fibers.

In the early 60's, COMOLI approached the worldwide textile machinery market and established a considerable joint collaboration with major textile machinery producers in Europe, starting at the beginning of the 70's. All this contributed to establish, in the future years, a stable and well reputated position with special relation to the manufacturing of take up winders for synthetic filaments.

COMOLI winders can be used for any kind of synthetic man made filaments as Polyamide, Polyester, Polypropylene, Elastane and Acetate.

COMOLI today is considered among the most reputated machine and aggregate producer worldwide.

Welcome to Comoli Fermo Srl, we look forward to an interesting meeting with you.

We help in rising profitability in producing your filaments

Our organization is totally Customer oriented, majority of our equipment are coming from a deep and dedicated development related to precise and specific Customer requirements, jointly with the long term experience which represent our Company along the years.

A responsible and capable young engineering staff works with all our Customers to achieve the most efficient and convenient solution for any type of filament treatment.

Everyone who is concerned with the selection of the production process suitable for its specific requirements, has to face a number of aspects related to capital investments, quality expectations and flexibility of production.
Based on the experience we have accumulated in the last years some basic considerations speak for the two-stage process:

1. The two-stage process is flexible.
All packages formations are possible, cheeses of different sizes with different specifications.

2. The two-stage process offers quality products.
It reaches a higher level of quality. For example: in the case of given elongation a higher final product strength is obtained which arises from the process itself.

3. The two-stage process is easily variable.
The process setting of the fully drawn material allows a wider range of applications as a result of the strength, elongation, and shrinkage independently from the feeder yarn.

4. The two-stage process offers excellent take off properties from the packages produced.
Throughout the range of processing speed a very effective and controllable intermingling can be achieved.
This improves the take off properties and obviously the running performances during the subsequent processes, which finally has a positive influence on the cost analysis.




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