HDMD is the high density multi deck version of COMOLI spandex waste less automatic bobbin change winder with yarn length control system. This winder is designed for winding up to 80 (120-160) ends on direct spinning lines of elastomeric filaments in a very limited space.

The package formation is cylindrical; the winding method is random, the spindle drive system associated to the MONACA patented system guarantees soft edges package formation, covering a wide range of different denier counts and filaments.

The winder has been designed with ends high density and space saving concept and it’s built on a multi deck new rigid vibration free structure easy to be adapted to many spinning gauges. The HDMD structure is self-standing and supported by a new designed moveable rigid structure. A new color and special type of surface treatment has been applied for easier operator interface and a longer life.

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m250 winder
HDMD 4 winders module
under spinning line
m250 winder
HDMD 2 winders module
m250 left and right winder
HDMD 4 winders module
front view