The latest generation of winders for elastane filaments, with up to 20 ends of traditional short size bobbins.

The M250 is a well dosed blend of high-tech features in electronic joined with the traditional robustness of our high quality machinery.

This machine is ideal for the production of fine and mid denier count on all elastane textile application with dry or melt spinning technology.

The winder is equipped with cutting edge electronic controls, with special relation to the two patented systems ANDROMEDA controlled package formation and the MONACA periodical short stroke shortening for to avoid saddle formation on bobbin.

The latest development is the new M250 1200 L&R, mostly dedicated to fine counts and high density production up to 80 ends per spinning position.

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m250 winder
M250 winder
m250 left and right winder
M250 1200 L & R winder