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When you are deciding on new product ranges and equipment for your textile business, do you really want to have several different providers to control the complexity of the manufacturing processes? And do you know that, a few years later, your investment is virtually worthless? We think that you should not accept such risks. That is why Comoli put a great value on service.

With any machine, Comoli offers a bundle of services to all its customers who require more from their investment. Comoli adds real value to your machines and your business in a flexible way.

Our experts offer assistance on two levels: by taking an overview of all the essential parameters that define your fibre production needing and through a deep knowledge of both your needs and the options available; Comoli assure you the best conditions for your economic success, backed by our commitment to total customer satisfaction.
Comoli provides support to your business and serving every need that results from your requirements. The only limitations Comoli accepts are those defined by our customers. As a true collaborator, Comoli looks after its partners during all time to implement a successful investment. Comoli will be always at your side, supporting our main target: you and your business.

We know that After-sales Service can be almost as important as the initial purchase. Same importance is the customer's perception of the degree of willingness with which a supplier deals with a question or complaint, speed of response, and action taken.

In other words we are committed to a deep knowledge of market needs, to a complete knowing of the entire process that makes your product unique and to a competence that leads your investment to a rapid creation of value to assuring a short-term ROI (Return On Investment).

Our After-sales Service team can continuously manage factors and share them in a close and confidential relationship with our partners. Taking advantage is not dependent on the status that your company has achieved: our service always endeavour to optimise your business, in every case. From before the project start-up, to the maintenance and optimisation of the processes, and to the expansion of productivity, we work alongside our partners with reliable support. 

Always listening to the clients’ wishes: that is what we do. And we do it well. With a deep knowledge of practice as well as markets trends, we are often able to suggest more than solutions that fits your particular needs. We consider not only the key competencies of Comoli equipment. We know also the detailed knowledge of equipment from our third party suppliers.

We will support you with our experience, improvements, training, remote services, technical support and troubleshooting.

R & D has a special economic significance apart from its conventional association with scientific and technological development. R & D investment reflects a organization's willingness to forgo current operations or profit to improve future performance or returns, and its abilities to conduct research and development, for this, since 1989, Comoli start up an R & D division and a well equipped test room.

Our test room is equipped with the complete production line of machines. From spandex take up to the state-of-art high denier draw winder, all is at disposal of our consolidate customers and new ones for all their needings on man-made fibres.

All our trial machines (manual and automatic) have highly personalisation and configurations for customized tests, process optimization and product development. The machine components can be changed in their position (or replaced), so the systems can be adapted precisely to the required process. We provide numerous measurement devices to record and store process-relevant data during the winding trials.

Highly qualified engineers, technicians and laboratory assistants bring their experience to each and every new task.

When you decide to invest in new technology and equipment, Comoli engineers and technicians do their best to make sure that everything is in place and on time.

Whether you need a simple machine installation customised to your individual needs or existing infrastructure for Comoli there are no problems, we deliver only solutions.

Machine installations by Comoli are based on know-how along the entire winding process. We are innovative because we use always state-of-the-art technology. They are ergonomic and, obviously, economic. And smart because they well fit in every aspect of your existing infrastructure.

Whether you are installing a completely new technology, fitting new machines or you require help with owned equipment: our mechanical and electrical engineers are waiting to support you to guide in your progress.

Even the world’s best equipment is useless if you cannot handle it correctly. With a qualified training, Comoli helps you and your staff to increase profit easily. Keeping your staff well-trained avoids malfunction and losses. We motivate them because they feel much more involved into your business, as they are partners in its prosperity.

Who is partecipating in Comoli training sessions and programs has benefit from high specialised knowledge. Our goal is to let you be completely confident with all the possibilities our equipment can give to you, bringing you to new horizons in technic. If your staff is well-trained you can maximise the level of your investment on your equipment - and make a real difference in performance they help to create.

We at Comoli can provide both on-site and in-house training, where we will assign equipment for your training sessions. These sessions include:

  • Electrical and mechanical winder training and repairs
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Operating Comoli equipment

If you want to keep excellence in your products you must require the best-equipped Comoli machines.

This is achieved only by using genuine parts can guarantee high productivity standards which are permanently delivered by Comoli spare parts.

With Comoli original spare parts your advantages are:
  • High and stable productivity
  • Great performance
  • Always the maximum running time on machine
  • Availability of parts, worldwide and short delivery time
  • Quality guaranteed for each component
  • Always assured machine warranty

Maybe you can think that is cheaper to purchase spares and replacement parts for our machines from other suppliers, but we urge you to consider the real costs: more frequent stops, loss of services on free guarantee, reduced machine performance, shorter life-cycle for the equipment.

Textile machines, that are used to create products the market is asking for, more than in past times are depending not only on the hardware but also on tailor-made software.

The software that equips your machines is the key to be a reliable supplier of what your customers want. And every further improvement of software keeps Comoli machinery one step beyond competitors.

So the points that makes our software a winner choice are:
  • Economic and optimal use of our machines
  • Great variety of products
  • Hardware investments always time proof
  • Machine integration on systems

All our software products have GUI (Graphical User Interface): this makes the operator job simpler and safer, even in presence of installations.

Comoli software can be upgraded with the latest advances in research and development to give you the best. It is possible to upgrade existing platforms with added value of our software to achieve your special needs.

Our remote service enables our specialists to check and help without moving and minimizing the stop of the machines.

Comoli is always committed to developing of equipment for continuous, high-level performance

For high productivity standards it is sometimes necessary to check and, if necessary, replace, machine parts that can influence a good performance.

Our technicians have the complete knowledge and high skill to fit out your equipment with original parts needed for heavy operation, with small downtime and low maintenance. If you need, you know, you can reach us around the world and around the clock.

Problems happen at the worst time. You have kept your machine in a good shape, you have always check and maintened it well but it is a matter of fact that unexpected stops can happen. When they do, you know, your customers wait for deliveries and your employees have to be paid without producing anything.

Comoli knows that what you need is a quick answer, and is what we can give you: a reliable expert, from our team of technicians and engineers, will solve your problem in a short time.

Our customer support is on your side. Always.



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