After-sales service

help key

We know that after-sales service can be almost as important as the initial purchase. Same importance is the customer's perception of the degree of willingness with which a supplier deals with a question or complaint, speed of response, and action taken.

In other words we are committed to a deep knowledge of market needs, to a complete knowing of the entire process that makes your product unique and to a competence that leads your investment to a rapid creation of value to assuring a short-term ROI (Return On Investment).

Our after-sales service team can continuously manage factors and share them in a close and confidential relationship with our partners. Taking advantage is not dependent on the status that your company has achieved: our service always endeavour to optimise your business, in every case.

From before the project start-up, to the maintenance and optimisation of the processes, and to the expansion of productivity, we work alongside our partners with reliable support.

Always listening to the clients’ wishes: that is what we do. And we do it well.

With a deep knowledge of practice as well as markets trends, we are often able to suggest more than solutions that fits your particular needs.

We consider not only the key competencies of COMOLI equipment: we know also the detailed knowledge of equipment from our third party suppliers.

We will support you with our experience, improvements, training, remote services, technical support and troubleshooting.